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Want to make your company page a big success?
Then use your content the right way!

The number one reason for prospects to follow your LinkedIn company page is the content they will find there. We’ll keep on saying it to anyone who is listening; creating and sharing the right content in the right way is key to the success of your page!

For example, the number of posts you create is an important factor. Do you schedule five posts per day? Your followers will probably get bored of your content-overkill and stop following you. And do you only post once per month? If so, you’ll probably stay invisible for your followers and creating a relationship with them will be pretty much impossible.

We work according to the ICE-formula: you will reach the largest audience by posting the right combination of industry-related content and items about your company. More information on how to deal with your content can be found in our white paper. [coming real soon]

There are many other opportunities to turn your LinkedIn page into a social selling machine; we are happy to talk you through them!

LinkedIn Page Content Marketing

starts from €575/mo

A dedicated content marketer will:

  • post 4 or more industry related posts per month, including:
  • engaging captions
  • converting call-to-actions
  • powerful LinkedIn boosts
  • optional: monthly performance reports
  • optional: we create content for you
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