Lead generation

New Leads in 2020? 
We will make it happen with our team of experts

New Leads in 2020?

How do you get new leads in 2020? Imagine that your local second division soccer team suddenly gets support from a top player of the Dutch national team! Steven Bergwijn, Lieke Martens, or Frenkie de Jong or any other top player... What happens to such a team? Exactly... the whole team will perform much better!

What would this mean for your company when you apply it within your organization? Imagine that you strengthen your sales team with an absolute LinkedIn expert
someone from the team of LinkedIn expert Perry van Beek
Someone who ensures that your company and your employees are professionally seen and found on LinkedIn.
Someone who ensures a continuous boost of your brand on LinkedIn and someone who concretely brings in new leads (SQLs) so that your sales team can have more sales conversations.

What we deliver concretely:

Guidance in optimizing the LinkedIn Company Page and the personal profiles of your sales team.
In consultation with your marketing and sales leaders, we place two posts a week on behalf of your company with a catchy caption, relevant hashtags and a powerful call-to-action.

Interaction on LinkedIn on behalf of your company to bring your company positively to the attention of your target group on a daily basis social selling activities to deliver SQLs via LinkedIn Sales Navigator; we find new leads, connect with them professionally and transfer them to your sales team when they are ripe for redemption.