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Getting The Basics Right

When you approach new prospects on LinkedIn, the first thing they’re going to see from you is your LinkedIn profile. What first impression are leaving behind right now? That’s why the first thing we do is to professionally optimise your LinkedIn profile, together with you of course :)

Standing Out on LinkedIn

After we’ve helped you stand out on LinkedIn as an expert in your line of work, the next step is to determine how you wish to use that to your advantage. Do you want to attract potential prospects through personal branding, or do you want to pro-actively reach out to new prospects using advanced social selling techniques? Or both?

Your Success

Our goal is straightforward: if we can help you help others become successful or solve a dilemma with your product or service, we’ve succeeded! It's really that simple. We can do this with group training, one-on-one coaching and you can even outsource certain parts of your customer success journey to us. 

"Your Success is Our Success"


LinkedIn Profile

Before you approach prospects on LinkedIn, you need to make sure you stand out on LinkedIn. To achieve this, your LinkedIn profile needs to be customer-centric which means that a prospects immediately understands what value you’re bringing.

Online or Lab Room?

We’ve helped more than 10.000 entrepreneurs and sales professionals optimise their profiles and we can help you too.

You can select our online LinkedIn Profile optimisation course where we show you how to optimise your profile with 22 short videos and assessments.

Or you can go the extra mile and invest in a LinkedIn Lab Room where a team of experts will help you create a professionally optimised and customer-centric LinkedIn profile in just one day.

Customer Journey

The next step is to map your customer journey. Together with you, we will analyse your ideal customer profile. It’s not enough to just look at who he is, we also want to look at what makes him successful. Your customer doesn’t want your product or service per se, what he he wants is the success it brings him or the problem its solves for him. Do you know his dreams?

LInkedIn Lead Generation

When you know your customer journey, the next step is to find them on LinkedIn. The ideal tool for this is LinkedIn Sales Navigator. We will show you how to find them, how to connect with them and how to engage with them. Although we train and coach most of our clients on this, some of our clients also choose to outsource this part to us.

Your Success

How many new leads can you handle a day? It’s your choice. We will show you how to save 30 to 60 minutes a day previously spent on acquisition and still get more leads. Or when you’ve outsourced this part to us, you will only need to focus on actual sales conversations. When you’re in sales, isn't that the part of your job that you love the most?

Our Success

Our Success is Your Success! And when you’ve outsourced this service to us, we only want to get paid when you actually get new leads.

What company have you always dreamed of signing on as your next client? Hit the button below and someone from our social selling success team will get in touch you.


"An enthusiastic and passionate communicator, Perry van Beek has what it takes to get any audience interested in LinkedIn’s Social Selling opportunities."

Remco van der Panne
Marketing Manager Enterprise Networks Northern Europe at CISCO

"Because of Perry's ideas and tutorage I have been able to, not only create new business opportunities, but have also been able to make a positive contribution to the greater Linkedin network through content sharing and valuable engagements."

Peter Button
International Financial Advisor at Blacktower Financial Management

"Perry knows how to effectively leverage LinkedIn to create new business and build a brand, whether it is a commercial or personal brand."

Jennifer (Jones) Hines
CEO at Accelerated Sales & Leadership Institute

"Whether you are a small business or one of the Fortune companies, I highly recommend Perry for his training of LinkedIn amongst your teams and for yourself too of course."

Michael de Groot
Chief Storyteller at Staying Alive (UK) Ltd

"Perry is the person to go to if you want to maximize your sales results through the EFFECTIVE use of Linkedin."

Vander DeCastro
Regional Manager Latin America at AVAST Software


As mentioned, effective Social Selling always starts with a professional and customer-centric LinkedIn profile. Download our free LinkedIn Profile Cheat Sheet to get started today.


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